Youth Prevention & Education programs

The Self Help Center violence prevention program or PAVE (People Against Violence Everywhere) takes a multifaceted approach to reducing violence among students and future adults. It uses several tactics to achieve this goal.

C.O.R.E. Presentation by Victor Orr & Caitlin Twomey: Click Here

C.O.R.E. PowerPoint by Victor Orr &Caitlin Twomey: Click Here

step 1

Presentations are provided to more than one thousand young adults each year. The presentations provide students with information on dating red flags and unhealthy relationships as well as what a
healthy relationship should look like.

step 2

Small groups are facilitated to assist students with a variety of issues they may be dealing with such as anger management, social skills, grief and loss and bullying.

step 3

After school mentoring is provided to youth who need a positive adult role model in their lives.
The mentoring allows students to explore the various museums in town and to discuss any challenges
they may be dealing with each day.

step 4

Preschool children are taught respect and social skills through the use of puppets, books, and
crafts designed to promote peace and harmony.

step 5

CORE (Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education) is a summer camp where students assist the BLM, U.S. Forest Service, and the Yellowstone National Park service with various volunteer projects throughout the state of Wyoming. Students learn teamwork, respect for the environment, respect for each other and respect for themselves. In addition, they learn the history of each site, how to survey, biology, geography, archeology and Leave No Trace Camping skills.